Biking and Fishing in Anoka County

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Commute Solutions staff have prepared a brand new Biking and Fishing Guide for Anoka County. This guide helps residents combine two great outdoor activities they might normally do separately, all while trying out great cycling infrastructure throughout Anoka County.

Our guide features a list of all Anoka County Parks facilities with fishing available and QR codes linking to our new interactive Biking and Fishing Map, a PDF of the Anoka County Bike Map, and interactive maps about facilities and trails at Anoka County Parks and the region. The Biking and Fishing Guide is a great addition to your tackle box.

If you'd like us mail you a printed copy of our Biking and Fishing Guide, or make a bulk order for your organization, please email

Click here to download the new Biking and Fishing in Anoka County Guide

Interactive Biking and Fishing Map

This is an interactive map showing locations identified by Anoka County Commute Solutions as locations ideal for people looking to bike to fishing spots around the County. Nearby counties are not currently included but may be added later.

We tried to limit sites to public piers, but some locations offer shorefishing only. Always follow the park, city, county, and state/DNR rules and regulations. Be a respectful cyclist and angler!


  • Green fishing icons are optimized for bike-fishing
  • Dark blue bus icons are major intersections or areas for Metro Transit bus service
  • Yellow train icons are Northstar Commuter Rail stations
  • Blue fishing icons are County parks designated as parks with fishing by Anoka County Parks and recreation.
  • Red shopping cart icons indicate bait and tackle shops.

Consider Gear - for both Biking and Fishing

Aside from being two great outdoor activities you can do for a lifetime, cyclists and anglers alike take their gear seriously. But you don't need to be a hardcore enthusiast of either to enjoy Anoka County's rich natural resources, growing cycling infrastructure, and abundant parkland. Here are some things we recommend for beginners to both activities:



Know Before You Go

Research your route before you head out, especially if you are new to city cycling. Some major routes, like the Mississippi River Regional Trail, require some amount of shared road cycling.

Services like Google Maps may provide "bikeable" routes, but they don't account for real-world conditions. It is good to know an alternative route should you need one. Strava, a fitness community app, is a great way to see heat maps of where other cyclists are riding.

In Minnesota, bicyclists are permitted to bike on sidewalks except within central business districts. For example, biking on sidewalks is prohibited in downtown Anoka, but you may still bike on shared-use paths. For most Anoka County residents, sidewalk cycling is permitted.

Do an "ABC" check on your bike before you leave - check the air, brakes, and chain to ensure your bike is in working order. Learn more about basic bike checks on the League of American Bicyclists' website.