Request for Reconsideration Policy

The following procedures will be followed to process a "Request for Reconsideration of Library Resource or Material." 

Patron Responsibility 

The Library recognizes a Patron may have a concern about a material or library resource. A concerned Patron who is dissatisfied with informal discussions will be offered a Request for Reconsideration form (“Request”) by Library staff and must complete that form to continue the process. 

  1. The Patron must fill out the Request in its entirety and may attach any supporting documentation they wish the Library to consider.
  2. The Library will not accept Requests from patrons who reside outside of Anoka County. Patrons wishing for an exception to the residency requirement may submit a written petition to the Library Director. The patron should explain why they have a vested interest in the Library and the community it serves. The Library Director has sole discretion to grant an exception to the residency requirement.
  3. The Patron may not have more than 5 active Requests at one time.
  4. The material or resource will remain in place during the reconsideration process. 

Staff Responsibility 

Staff shall promptly forward any Requests received to the Reconsideration Committee Chair. The Reconsideration Committee is a staff committee appointed by the Library Director. 

  1. Committee Chair will acknowledge receipt of submitted Requests.
  2. The Committee will meet quarterly to review pending Requests received at least fifteen (15) business days before the scheduled meeting.
  3. Committee Chair will provide the committee with a summary on the material being reconsidered, including the rationale for its initial selection, if known.
  4. Committee may request additional information from the Patron as they deem appropriate.
  5. Committee will review the Request to consider whether the material or resource in question follows the criteria of the Collection Development and Management Policy.
  6. Committee will render a written decision within fifteen (15) business days of considering the Request. The decision will be mailed to the Patron.
  7. All Reconsideration Committee decisions require the final approval of the Library Director or their designee. 

Conference with Library Director

Patrons who are not satisfied with the Reconsideration Committee response may submit a written appeal to the Library Director within fifteen (15) business days of receiving the committee’s decision. 

  1. The Library Director will schedule a conference with the Patron to discuss and review the committee’s decision.
  2. At the conclusion of the conference, the Library Director will summarize the conference and render a verbal decision.
  3. If the Patron wishes to appeal the Library Director’s decision, the Library Director will render a written decision within fifteen (15) business days concerning the retention or removal of the material or resource. The decision will be mailed to the Patron. 

Library Advisory Board Meeting

In the event the Patron is not satisfied with the Library Director’s decision, the Patron may submit a written appeal to the Library Advisory Board within fifteen (15) business days of receiving the Library Director’s written decision. The Patron may request to appear before the Library Advisory Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting, subject to notice timeline requirements of the Open Meeting Law. 

  1. Library Advisory Board will provide the Patron with up to ten (10) minutes to present their concerns at the regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. Library Advisory Board will take the matter under advisement and will render its final recommendation to the Library Director as soon as practicable.
  3. Following the Advisory Board’s recommendation, the Library Director will render the final decision. The patron will be notified of the decision and the decision will be entered into Advisory Board minutes.
  4. The decision of the Library Director is final and remains in effect for a period of five (5) years, barring any changes to state or federal law that would void the decision. 


This policy is reviewed by the Library Advisory Board (or a committee thereof) every four (4) years, or more frequently when deemed appropriate. The Library Advisory Board may recommend proposed changes subject to final approval by the Library Director and the Anoka County Board of Commissioners. 

Policy History

Date Approved: August 28, 2023
Next Review Date: August 2027