Pre-Approval of Documents

Chapter 508 of Minnesota Statutes provides that certain instruments may not be accepted for recording by the Registrar unless certified by the Examiner (or Deputy Examiner) or pursuant to a Court Order.

The Anoka County Examiner of Titles DOES NOT pre-approve documents before closing. Documents submitted to the Registrar of Titles are reviewed by the Registrar/Torrens staff and then delivered to the Examiner for approval before recording. 

The Examiner of Titles does not charge any additional fees for approving documents (recording fees do apply). 

****Due to staffing and additional workload requirements, we require a minimum of 14 working days to review document packages (Declarations, Plats and complicated situations may require additional time to process). If it has been longer than 14 working days, please contact us via email at Please indicate if the package was a paper package or eRecord, Certificate of Title #, and TN # (if eRecord), and date it was recorded.****