Pines School


The Pines School is comprised of four programs and is accredited by the North Central Association and is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education. Pines School is operated by the Centennial School District. Wide fluctuations characterize the length of enrollment and the number of students enrolled on any given day. The school has the capacity to serve 170 students. Historically the majority of students are male ranging in age from 14-17.

Description of Services

Pines School offers a rigorous curriculum during a six hour school day.

pines school

Classes include science, mathematics, social studies, physical education, language arts, reading, and writing. Approximately half the students have documented special education needs and receive the services identified in their individual educational plans from licensed special educator teachers.

Title I Support

Title I support is available for students who are significantly below same-age peers in reading. Guidance services are provided to help determine the credit status of students - a particularly important needs given the checked enrollment pattern of many students.

High Stakes Test

All students participate in Minnesota Basic Standard Tests and Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments unless documentation is on file indicating that the student has passed the high stakes test.