AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP - Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

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By joining RSVP, you become part of a national movement of thousands of volunteers responding to critical community needs. 

As an Anoka County RSVP volunteer, you will be matched with local organizations of your choice. Click Volunteer Opportunities tab to learn more.

Anoka County RSVP connects people aged 55 and over who want to volunteer with non-profit and social service programs in Anoka County.

Enroll & Volunteer

To enroll call Tricia Lehti at 763-324-1661 or download and mail the volunteer application, or submit electronically

After completing the application and skills and interests checklist, RSVP matches you with community needs. You are provided position descriptions for each matched opportunity and you choose which opportunities to pursue. There are even volunteer time sheets available for download, so you can keep track of your volunteer work time.

For more information contact Tricia at 763-324-1661