Calculating Child Support

Minnesota law provides the mathematical formula referred to as the Child Support Guidelines to assist the parents and the Court in determining a monthly amount of child support. This mathematical formula is called "income shares." Income shares requires the court to consider both parents' gross monthly income and, after credits and deductions, determine the amount of child support from the chart, dividing the total support obligation to each parent according to their percentage of the total combined income of both parents.

Consideration in the form of deductions or credits may be given for the Federal Poverty Guidelines, other children in the home, court-ordered child support payments for other children, parenting time, or other deviations from the Child Support Guidelines determined by the Court. Basic support, medical support and child care support are all calculated similarly, using additional charts if medical assistance or child care assistance is being expended for the child(ren).

For more information, go to the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator on the Department of Human Services website.