Anoka County CDCS Coordinator's Corner Newsletter


HOW ARE WE DOING????  You will receive a short survey in January 2017, asking for feedback about CDCS services and how we can better support you.  Thank you in advance for your honest feedback.

STAFF MILEAGE DECREASE Effective January 1, 2017, the maximum staff mileage reimbursement is 53.5 cents/mile.  This decrease will automatically occur through your fiscal services if your rate is at the 2016 rate of 54 cents/mi.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM (CIP) DISCONTINUE SERVICES -  Those using CIP for their FSE will need to switch to a different FSE.  If on payroll model, services will end 12/31/16.  If on Agency With Choice model, services will end 2/28/17. Please contact your CIP Coordinator or county case manager ASAP to make the transition.

SUMMIT MERGING WITH ORION, ISO FISCAL SERVICES - If you are currently served by Summit, you will need to transfer services to Orion, ISO or another fiscal management service whenever your plan renews in 2017.  Ask your case manager or Summit for a list of other providers.


MA PAYS FOR TABLETS - Medical assistance will cover the cost of tablets when the primary use is for voice output communication.  Your speech and language pathologist may complete the paperwork for this.  Your case manager may also submit a letter requesting it be "unlocked" in order to use other appropriate applications such as for emotional regulation, scheduling, fine motor skills, etc.  Ask your case manager for help with this process.  The waiver can pay for tablets that are denied by MA and meet Anoka County guidelines (Computer/Tablet Request form).

CDCS FORMS & INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE.  Visit  If you would like to receive monthly CDCS Newsletters and up to date short News Flashes, Go to the NOTIFY ME button and follow the directions.

Non-Disability Camp Request Form (NEW) - For typical day and overnight camps that are not specifically related to a disability, a new form must be completed describing how the camp will be adapted to meet the participant's assessed needs and how the health and safety needs of the participant will be met.

UPDATED Anoka County CDCS Guidelines (as of January 2016). All CSP renewals need to reflect the new guideline changes.  You can find the guidelines at

USE NEW FORMS!  New revised "fillable" forms should now be used.  Toss away the old ones.  New forms include:  Addition/Addendum – general or PPOM/spouse, Computer/Tablet Request, Special Diet Request, Alternative or Specialized Treatment Form, Positive Behavior Plan, Non-Disability Camp Request Form, etc.  All forms and guidelines are available at .

 – On July 1, 2016, you should have received a small increase of 0.2% to CDCS budgets carried over from last year’s union agreement.  This increase is meant to offset the minimum wage increase from $10.75/hour to $11.00/hour (E.g. $30,000 yearly budget would increase by $60).  You should have received a letter with this information from Anoka County and a new service agreement from MN DHS with your new amount. FOR AC/EW CDCS PARTICIPANTS ONLY - Ask your case manager about how to access your 21.3% increase.

PPOM/Spouse MAXIMUM WAGE INCREASES TO $16.75/hour including benefits(Payroll/FEA model Only).  If on AWC model, contact your FSE for the new wage rate..  This increased wage will not automatically happen.  If you would like to increase this wage in your current plan contact your case manager and the FSE to help calculate and assure that you do not overspend your budget allocation.
CONSIDER CHANGING FISCAL MODELS SOONER RATHER THAN LATER – At some point (likely sometime in 2017 or 2018) everyone on CDCS will need to use the Participant Employer model (currently referred to as the Payroll/FEA Model).  You may want to consider switching to this model upon your next renewal if you are not currently on this model.  Please contact your FSE at least 2-4 weeks prior to your renewal if you plan to switch models to allow enough time to complete paperwork and process the change. Your accrued PTO will automatically be moved to the new model upon the switch.  Watch for more information from your FSE.

MINIMUM STAFF WAGE INCREASE – Effective July 1, 2016, minimum wage increased from $10.75/hr. to $11.00/hr. This change will happen automatically.  You will be contacted if more adjustments need to happen.

PAID TIME OFF (PTO) INFORMATION – Any direct support staff (including paid parents of minors/spouses) may redeem PTO at any time after their 600 hour threshold is made and with consent from the managing party. PTO is considered taxable income.

CELL PHONES & MINUTES NO LONGER ALLOWED - In today’s world a cell phone is a typical family/personal expense. Waiver funds are for items needed above and beyond what is typical and related to the disability.  Most adults qualify for free cell phones with minutes.  FREE resources include: or Public/Welcome.aspx) , and

ARE YOU A GRADUATE BETWEEN 2013 and 2016?  Ask your case manager about a 20% budget increase to help with vocational activities and/or day programming.

HOSPITAL OR NURSING HOME STAY?  During a hospital/nursing home stay, CDCS services cannot be used.  However, if staff worked prior to admission and/or after discharge on the same day, they can still get paid for their time.

BACKGROUND STUDIES REQUIRED!  All direct support staff (including PPOM/spouse) need to complete and pass a background study each year until they are fingerprinted (Net Study 2.0).  These costs do not come out of the CDCS budget amount.  All FSE's except PICS, Summit, and MRCI are currently able to do Net Study 2.0 background checks.

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