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WHAT'S NEW IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS???? Sept-Jan 2019

MAKE THE SWITCH FROM FSE TO FMS (Financial Management Service) INCLUDING FEA/PAYROLL MODEL  BY MARCH 31, 2019 – If you have not yet  confirmed with your case manager AND FSE/FMS provider that you want to continue their services and/or switched to FEA/Payroll Model, you must act fast! Everyone needs to be transitioned by March 31, 2019 or it could result in a gap in services. For information about the different FMS providers and rates go to : . If you would like to change providers, discuss this as soon as possible with your case manager because there are different timelines that come into play due to IRS implications.

2019 NON-MEDICAL MILEAGE RATE. The mileage rate has increased to a maximum of 28 cents a mile.This is not an automatic change. You must get case manager approval to increase this rate in your current CDCS Plan.

For Employment Services transportation costs that are not already built into the rate, participants will be charged $10/one-way trip.

MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR PLAN?  Additions/Addendums are limited to one time a month unless it if for an immediate health or safety need.

EAA HOME MODIFICATIONS REQUIRE WORKING WITH A HOME MODIFICATION ASSESSOR (HMA). Involve your case manager in determining whether a home modification is necessary and meets waiver criteria. Anoka County requires participants to work with a Home Modification Assessor to assess the needs, provide recommendations/work scope, gather bids from enrolled providers, manage the project, and assure the work was completed satisfactorily. This process can sometimes take 3-9 months depending on how busy the enrolled contractors are. The first $5000/project must come out of your CDCS budget and additional funds approved by Anoka County (up to $40,000). Ask your case manager for more information and recommendations about our Home Modification Assessors.

TRAINING & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: We will be offering 2 different training opportunities in 2019:
1. LEARN HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN CDCS PLAN. April 5 from 9-11 a.m. and November 5 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Govt. Center Rm. 552.
2. INFORMATION AND NETWORKING. March 14 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.(Open forum. Learn about CDCS changes, bring questions now that you have been using this program, share resources) and September 26 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. (Employment Options after high school).  
Please RSVP to Space is limited.

$500 STIPEND STILL AVAILABLE TO ALL PAID CDCS STAFF (Incl. paid parents/spouse)– In an effort to encourage better trained staff, the first 5000 staff that go through qualifying training will receive a $500 stipend (expires June 30, 2019). View E-Module for more information:

POTENTIAL ENHANCED RATES FOR TRAINED STAFF WORKING WITH COMPLEX MEDICAL OR HIGH BEHAVIORAL PARTICIPANTS.  A 5% increase to CDCS budgets for trained staff wages will soon be available for our highest needs participants assessed for 12+ hours of PCA. Watch for more information to come. 

MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS ON SELF-DIRECTED PROGRAMS IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD WITH SAME MANAGING PARTY? You must use the same FMS provider, cannot exceed 40 hours/week/worker unless overtime is approved (must be cost effective). Anoka County recommends and may require a family staffing schedule. Notify your case manager and your FMS in this situation for more details. PPOM and Spouse limits still apply.

NEED MORE STAFF? Here are 2 resources:
DHS Direct Support Connect

DIRECT CARE STAFF HOUR LIMITS. As a direct care staff working with vulnerable people, an individual employee in MN is not allowed to work more than 275 hours per month when working with multiple individuals and employers. The number of hours worked is tracked using each employee's Unique MN Provider Identifier (UMPI) Number which is part of the hiring process.

NEED A ROOMMATE? Check out this new resource that helps to match disabled individuals with caregivers wanting to share a living arrangement. Talk to your case manager about the possibilities and qualifications.

NEED A SAFE SENSORY FRIENDLY PLACE TO PLAY? Check out Tony's Place at the Northtown Mall.

PAID PARENT OF MINOR/SPOUSE SCHEDULE – Specific times are not needed in CDCS plan, just number of hours in the morning (a.m.) and afternoon/evening (p.m.). DO NOT EXCEED APPROVED NUMBER OF HOURS IN BUDGET SECTION.

2018 UPDATES TO CDCS GUIDELINES. CDCS guidelines are subject to change throughout the year. The most current guidelines are located on our website at  (Go to Guidelines). Some of the recent updates include but are not limited to the following:
  •               Only one addendum is allowed per month unless immediate health and safety issue
  •               Shared care is only allowed as a licensed PCA service
  •               Adapted clothing – tagless is not considered adapted
  •               Adapted Swim Lessons – NEW FORM required. For SAFETY and progress reports
  •               Memberships to disability organizations allowed (e.g. Autism Society)
  •               Tutoring – case manager may request progress reports
  •               Weighted Blankets/Vests – only allowed with MA denial
  •               Camp – There must be assessed skills work at camp, not caregiver relief
  •               New suggested limits: Laundry services, fence, internet costs

WATCH THE VIDEO - DHS has new video explaining the basics of CDCS .  This is a great refresher.

DHS CULTURE SPECIFIC AUTISM VIDEOS AND RESOURCES PORTAL. Check it out!NEW LICENSED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES IMPACT TO CDCS BUDGETS – With rate management service rate changes to these services, CDCS budgets will be impacted in some cases with higher rates for services or needing to add additional transportation costs. You may have to be creative with staffing and transportation services in order to still get needs met through CDCS. Talk to your case manager and/or support planner about creative options.

YOU HELPED BRING Vitals™ Aware Services TO ANOKA COUNTY! You let the community know that this was a need in Anoka County and now it is. This is a new technology service designed to improve interactions between law enforcement and people living with intellectual, behavioral and developmental challenges. Check it out and sign up. 

BUDGET DECREASED?  Talk to your case manager about your options. Recommend using lower budget if you decide to appeal otherwise may have to pay funds back or significantly reduce remaining services if the judge upholds lower budget.

NEW LOOK AND INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE - Go to  for more information about MnCHOICES assessments, Disability and Aging Services, and much more...

HAVE A SAY IN FUTURE SERVICES - "WAIVER REIMAGINE" Project - DHS has contracted with The Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) and the U of MN to conduct 2 studies and facilitate focus groups to:
Study 1: Provide recommendations on reconfiguring 4 waiver programs (BI, CADI, CAC, DD) to find efficiencies, simplifications, and improvements through reconfiguring program structures.
Study 2:  Provide recommendation on an individual budgeting model.
Go to Waiver Reimagine Focus Group webpage  for more information.

POSTPONED TO 2020 Electronic Verification For Staff Performing ADL’s and iADL’s. Staff will be required to report on the following:
(1) type of service performed;
(2) individual receiving the service;
(3) date of the service;
(4) location of the service delivery;
(5) individual providing the service; and
(6) time the service begins and ends.
More information and Training to come...

  • There is a need for more CDCS services to either increase the amount of time he/she works or improve his/her employment opportunities
  • Is unable to meet those needs without the budget exception
  • Would have to stop using CDCS and use other, licensed services without the budget exception
  • If a current waiver recipient who currently does NOT use CDCS can demonstrate that upon choosing CDCS, his/her services would cost less annually than the licensed-day services or employment supports he/she currently uses. BE CREATIVE!!!! Ask your case manager whether you qualify.
Must have Occupational Therapist evaluation of medical necessity. Work with your medical supply company to order (Code: E1399 NU)

BUDGET CHANGES WITH MnCHOICES ASSESSMENT (DD ONLY) - All renewals require a MnCHOICES assessment moving forward by a Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS) assessor from Anoka County.  An assessor will contact you 1-2 months prior to when your new plan starts. Remember that accuracy is very important as this assessment is what ultimately determines your CDCS budget. You may notice a significant increase or decrease in your budgets. If your budget amount changes significantly, you may ask your case manager to look into it.  This is a new process with a large volume of cases; you may be delayed in getting your budget amount.  If so, you can still begin the renewal process by working off of the previous year's budget and then adjust it when the new amount comes in.

ELIGIBILITY REMINDER - Following are requirements in order to participate in the CDCS option:  Open to MA; participant/managing party not ever been on the DHS Restricted List; all direct care staff pass background study and be eligible for employment; not open to child/adult protection; not residing in a licensed facility/home (hospital, nursing home, jail, group home).

PPOM/SPOUSE = Personal Assistance Activities and Supervision ONLY - PPOM and Spouse MUST have at least ONE ADL dependency to be eligible to be paid.  They should only be getting paid to provide assessed ADL (iADL) activities and supervision above and beyond what is typical. On your work schedule indicate how many hours on average "above and beyond" you are working in the AM and PM (not specific times).

PPOM/SPOUSE INCOME MAY AFFECT OTHER PROGRAMS - Even though your income through CDCS may be excluded from paying income tax (IRS Notice 2014-7), other cash and food based programs may still count it as income.  Please check with each individual program and/or your Economic Assistance worker about how this income may affect your benefits.  PTO is taxable income.

NEW MEDICAL MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT PROCESS (beginning Sept. 1, 2017) - You will need to contact MTM to get a trip number prior to the appointment to record on the trip log. Logs will need to be turned in for reimbursement within 60 days.  Go to for more information. The number can be found on the back of your card or call member services.

  • Please have physician or nurse practitioner initial the boxes or form is considered incomplete
  • Must be completed annually
  • Service not approved until form completed and approved by case manager
CHECK OUT THE NEW "RECOMMENDED" RESOURCES ON OUR WEBSITE - Go to and check out all the cool new resources that CDCS participants have recommended in the past several months. It includes different therapies, apps for autism and transition skills, summer programs, GPS trackers, adaptive clothing, and more.

ON CDCS AND THINKING OF BECOMING A FOSTER CARE PROVIDER?  There has been a policy change.  If your biological or adopted child is using the CDCS option you can get paid to provide foster care AND remain on CDCS, but CANNOT use the paid parent of minor (PPOM) option.  Exception:  You can be paid up to 25 hours/week for your child if you are providing foster care to a relative.  The children you are providing foster care are not eligible for CDCS. Ask your case manager for more information.

THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!  CDCS is a self directed program.  As the managing party you are ultimately responsible for making sure you complete your paperwork ON TIME (incl. CDCS plan submission, MA renewals, etc.) and DO NOT OVERSPEND!  Please make sure you are reviewing your spending summary every month to avoid overspending and any consequences. Pay attention to the %'s to make sure you are staying on track so you don't run out of money towards the end of your plan year. Your case manager, FSE coordinator, and/or support planner are there to help and give you the tools to keep you on track but it is ultimately your responsibility.

- MN Department of Human Services at 
- Autism Society ;
- The ARC of Minnesota ;
- NAMI .

MINNESOTA ABLE PLAN - Minnesotans with disabilities and their families can now save for goods and service to improve their lives under the new Minnesota (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Plan. The plan allows a maximum of $14,000/yr, to a total maximum of $100,000, to be contributed to an account for an individual before the individual's public benefits are affected.  For more information visit


GET AN IPAD USING CDCS - Medical assistance will cover the cost of tablets when the primary use is for voice output communication.  Your speech and language pathologist may complete the paperwork needed.  Your case manager may also submit a letter requesting the tablet be "unlocked" in order to use other appropriate applications for such uses as emotional regulation, scheduling, fine motor skills, etc.  Ask your case manager for help with this process.  The waiver may pay for tablets that are denied by MA and still meet Anoka County guidelines (Complete Computer/Tablet Request form).

CDCS FORMS & INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE.  Visit  The new and revised "fillable" forms should now be used.  Toss away the old ones.  New forms include:  Addition/Addendum – general or PPOM/spouse, Computer/Tablet Request, Special Diet Request, Alternative or Specialized Treatment Form, Positive Behavior Plan, Non-Disability Camp Request Form, Adapted Swim Request, etc.  See the Forms and Guidelines section.

CELL PHONES & MINUTES NO LONGER ALLOWED - In today’s world a cell phone is a typical family/personal expense. Waiver funds are for items needed above and beyond what is typical and related to the disability.  Most adults qualify for free cell phones with minutes.  FREE resources include: or Public/Welcome.aspx) , and

PLANNING A VACATION? You are still able to utilize staffing, both PPOM/Spouse or support staff along even out of state (not out of the country).  No other supports or services are available besides staffing however outside of the state of MN or its bordering states.

HOSPITAL OR NURSING HOME STAY?  During a hospital/nursing home stay, CDCS services cannot be used.  However, if staff worked prior to admission and/or after discharge on the same day, they can still get paid for their time.

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