Why is the library undergoing a major renovation?

Today’s Centennial Library is limited because of space – our hands-on learning programs cannot accommodate all of the people interested in participating, collection space has been maximized, computer and Wi-Fi usage continues to increase, but floor space for users is limited, staff space is inefficient, and the building lacks adequate storage.

The expanded and modernized Centennial Library will put learning on display, will be the hub of a campus that supports history, nature, play, and commerce. A learning space for community, a space where creativity and opportunity thrive. A knowledge park. The plans double the size of the library to accommodate more community meeting and study spaces, increases comfortable seating for readers, offers a larger and interactive children’s area – all requests from the community.

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1. Why is the library undergoing a major renovation?
2. When will the construction start and how long will the project take?
3. Will I be able to access the book return once the construction begins?
4. How do I get to the other libraries?
5. Will the Centennial Library remain in the same location?
6. Will the Centennial Library be closed during the project?
7. Where can we sign up for library programming during construction?
8. Where can I hold a community meeting while the library is closed?
9. Where should I pick up my reserve books when construction begins?
10. Where can I access updates and view pictures of the new Library design?
11. Who is the architect that will be designing the remodel?
12. How old is the current Centennial Library?