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Art Exhibit Proposal

  1. Details

    The dual goals of the Art Exhibit program are to provide local Minnesota artists with a unique venue to display their work and provide an opportunity for patrons to expand their understanding of the library as an arts, history, and culture center.

    • Exhibits will run for approximately 8 weeks and solo artists will be paid a $150 honorarium
    • Artists are responsible for installing their own exhibits utilizing the Walker Hanging System at the library
    • Artists must have at least three pieces of hanging works to display. Depending on the size of the collection we have many different spaces available to showcase items.
    • Pieces cannot be sold in the library. Artists may include contact info for patrons to request purchase details with their exhibit but prices may not be placed on pieces while on display. Library staff will not facilitate sales and purchases must happen outside of the library. 
    • All works must be neatly and professionally presented for display and must meet community standards (no hate speech, obscenities, or violence)
  2. Sample of the artists work

  3. If you do not have work available to view online via a website or social media, please attach a sample.

  4. Exhibits will last about 8 weeks. Please list approximate dates you are available (ex: June-August) Please provide multiple options for dates in order of your preference 

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