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Library Partnership and Outreach Request 2024

  1. Ways to partner with the Anoka County Library

    The Anoka County Library wants to collaborate with your school or organization. Here are some ways that the Library can partner with you. 

    • Librarian visits and family engagement events can provide orientations on how to utilize specific library resources, book talks on relevant titles to classroom learning, and storytimes.
    • Group educational tours of the library.
    • Featured Author collaborations for family engagment nights or bookclubs. Presentations, meet & greets, or book club discussions.
    • Recycled Reads providing gently used books that are weeded from the collection to your classoom or program. 
    • Digital Student Library Cards give access to all of ACL's online resources, homework help,and E-Books with no fines or fees. 

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    Learn more about the current Featured Authors here.

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