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Library Volunteer Application

  1. Anoka County Library
  2. Type of Application*
  3. History
    Have you volunteered for Anoka County Library before?
  4. Include Organization/Contact Person, Duties, and Dates.
  5. When are you available for volunteer services?
    Check all times and days that apply
  6. Mornings
  7. Afternoons
  8. Evenings
  9. Where do you want to volunteer?
  10. How frequently do you wish to volunteer?
  11. How long are you willing to commit your services?
  12. References
    Please list two references (excluding relatives)
  13. Age*
  14. Disclaimer
    I understand that the information requested on this application will be used for volunteer assignment and record keeping, and that all information will be held confidential, except where release is authorized. I hereby authorize the Anoka County Library Volunteer Program to conduct an inquiry of any or all references, employers and schools (past or present). I authorize the above mentioned parties to release pertinent information to the Anoka County Library Volunteer Program.
  15. The organization is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered. Opportunities for volunteers are offered without regard to religion, creed, race, national origin, age or sex.
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