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1. Where can I find information about specific construction projects?
2. The roadway near my house is in rough shape. How is it decided what roads are to be repaved?
3. I noticed the trail adjacent to the county roadway hasn’t had the snow plowed off of it yet. Who should I contact?
4. At a project Open House, I was told that no decisions have been made on the design of the roadway but there was a design-layout on display. Doesn’t that mean that the decisions have already been made?
5. Why are you proposing to eliminate some of the access points along the roadway? How is this decided?
6. I’ve noticed a lot of roundabouts being built around the region. Are they coming to Anoka County?
7. It seems like people are speeding on the road. Can the County lower the speed limits on their roadways?
8. Will I be assessed for the roadway improvement?
9. Why aren't they working on my road?