Every year Anoka County places numerous children in foster care homes. Children of all ages and backgrounds, including teens and sibling groups, are in need of a permanent home with caring adults. They are ready to become part of a family through adoption.

Adoption Family

Just like children come in all sizes, they also differ in ethnicity, age, sex, and special needs. They are alike, however, in their need to feel loved and grow up as part of a permanent family. Parenting any child can be a challenge. But Minnesota’s Waiting Children are more likely to have been abused or neglected; often they have been in multiple foster homes.

If you’d like to provide children with a place in your heart and home, this is the place to start.

Special Needs

Adoptive children with special needs are children who have, or are at risk of having, physical, mental, emotional or behavioral disabilities that make it difficult for them to be adopted. Other special needs include sibling groups who need placement in an adoptive home together and teens in need of permanency, support, and guidance while transitioning into adulthood.