What are the qualifications?
A property must be the homestead of a qualified veteran in order to receive this value exclusion. To qualify, a veteran must have been honorably discharged from the United States armed forces as indicated by United States Government Form DD214 or other official military discharge papers, and must be certified by the United States Veterans Administration as having a service-connected disability.
In the case of agricultural homesteads, only the house, garage, and immediately surrounding one acre of land will qualify for the exclusion. If a property qualifies for this market value exclusion, the property does not receive the residential homestead market value exclusion provided under Minnesota Statute 273.1384, subdivision 1.
Qualifying veterans with a 70 percent disability rating or higher are eligible for a market value exclusion of $150,000. Qualifying veterans who are totally (100 percent) and permanently disabled are eligible for a market value exclusion of $300,000.

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1. What is a disabled veteran market value exclusion?
2. What are the qualifications?
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