What needs to be on a document for recording purposes?
County staff reviews documents presented for recording for the requirements listed below. Failure to meet these requirements may cause your document to be rejected:
  1. Date of Execution
  2. Name of Grantor / Grantee / Mortgagor / Mortgagee
  3. Complete Legal Description
  4. Proper Acknowledgement (notary seal / stamp, signatures, martial status when applicable)
  5. "Drafted By" Statement -if notarized in Minnesota.

Other documents may require:
  1. Reference Document Number
  2. State and County of Venue
  3. Mortgage - Secured Amount
  4. CRV (Required if sale > $1000) Total Consideration
  5. Well Statement / Disclosure
  6. Grantee Statement (name and address of grantee)
When drafting a legal document, it is advisable to seek legal advice from an attorney to ensure your document has the intended effect. County staff do not give out legal advice.

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