How do I file for exempt status?

Organizations seeking exemption must file an exempt application - Commissioner of Revenue form PE75 – for each parcel that may qualify. In order to receive exempt status, there must be a concurrence of ownership and use. The parcel must be used solely for the specified purpose for which the institution received its charter. This means that if the land, its improvements, or any part thereof is not used in accordance with specified purposes, the exemption is to be reviewed, and the ineligible parcel or portion thereof, is to be assessed.

In accordance with Minnesota Statute 272.025, Subd 2, "Upon written request of the assessor, the taxpayer filing a statement of exemption shall make available to the assessor all books and records relating to the ownership or use of the property which are reasonably necessary to verify that the property qualifies for exemption."

To request an exempt status application form, please call 763-324-1175.

Once the application is completed, please mail it to:

Anoka County AssessorOffice

2100 3rd Avenue

Anoka, MN 55303

Please make sure a daytime phone number is included in case there are questions on your application. Also, you may be required to supply supporting documentation to assist in determining exempt status.

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1. How do I file for exempt status?