What happens if taxes become 'delinquent'?

If taxes remain unpaid a 'tax judgment' is entered against the property for the delinquent amount due.

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1. When do real estate property taxes become delinquent?
2. Are parcels with delinquent taxes for sale for the amount of taxes due?
3. Will paying delinquent taxes on a parcel give you a title interest in the property?
4. What is the difference between late and delinquent property taxes?
5. What happens if taxes become 'delinquent'?
6. What does “tax judgment” mean?
7. When does “tax judgment” happen?
8. What type of notification is given about the “tax judgment” and who receives notification ?
9. If more than one year of taxes becomes delinquent on a parcel of property is a “tax judgment” taken on each year?
10. If a parcel of property has more than one year of delinquent taxes can the oldest year of tax be paid first?
11. Can delinquent taxes be paid if the current year taxes are unpaid?