Do I need a court order to stop the abuse?
No! Whether or not you have a court order it is against the law for anyone to assault, sexually assault, injure or threaten you. While a court order does not guarantee protection it does make it easier to protect you. It tells the abuser that further abuse will result in arrest, criminal charges and possible jail or fine. OFP’s make it easier for the police to arrest the person harming you.

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1. What is an order for protection?
2. Who can get an order for protection?
3. Do I need a court order to stop the abuse?
4. Where do I file for an OFP?
5. How do I get an OFP?
6. How does the respondent find out about this hearing and the order?
7. What happens at the hearing?
8. What happens after the hearing? How long am I protected?
9. What happens if the respondent violates the order?
10. How do I change, extend or dismiss an order for protection?