Reminders for all Anoka County Households

  1. Notify us as soon as you are considering placing the home on the market. We can assist in the preparation needed for program requirements.
  2. Anoka County will review potential buyer application in confidentiality to determine eligibility for program acceptance.
  3. Anoka County will not review or accept purchase agreements between the parties.
  4. Anoka County will not pay for, assume or acquire any costs associated with the sale/purchase of a privately owned NSP property. All closing costs or other costs are no longer eligible program costs.
  5. Anoka County will not list or sell the property on behalf of a private party.
  6. Anoka County will work with your Realtor to make sure current guidelines are available for potential buyers.
  7. Failure to meet federal requirements may result in the foreclosure of the declaration that follows the property.