Sharps include syringes, lancets, used epi-pens, hypodermic needles, pen needles, and  IV needles.  Sharps are accepted from households at the Anoka County HHW Facility if these instructions are followed: 

  • Sharps must be placed in a rigid, puncture-resistant plastic container such as an empty laundry container.   
  • Label the container: “Do Not Recycle: Household Sharps”. 
  • Seal the container to prevent spills. 
  • Facility staff will not handle needles or sharps. You will be responsible for placing your container in the drop-off bin. 
  • No glass containers, plastic bags, cardboard boxes or loose sharps will be accepted. 
  • No unused sharps still containing medication (such as unused epi-pens) will be accepted.

Image of two syringes

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Store used sharps in a sharps container from a mail-back program or in an empty laundry detergent bottle with a screw on lid. Rinse, dry, and label the laundry detergent bottle “Household Sharps.” Do not store used sharps in glass bottles, aluminum cans, milk jugs, or coffee cans. Do not put loose needles, lancets, or syringes in the garbage. Do not flush sharps down the toilet or put them down the drain. Never put sharps or a sharps container in the recycling bin.

Other Disposal Options:

Your healthcare provider may offer a collection program for sharps used by patients at home.

Other disposal options include mail-back programs, home sharps needle-destruction devices, and special preparation and disposal in the garbage.

For more information read "Safe Disposal Options for Needles and Syringes" from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.

Image of sharps disposal container