Mortgage Foreclosure & Tax Forfeiture

Mortgage Foreclosures and Tax Forfeiture are frequently confused with one another.  The following is an explanation of the difference.

Mortgage Foreclosure

A process by which a lender repossesses the property due to default on the loan. The foreclosure process takes place in several stages including default, sheriff's sale, and redemption period. Although mortgage foreclosure-related documents are recorded with the County Recorder, our office does not conduct any part of these proceedings. Visit the Sheriff's Office pages for information. Foreclosure sale list can be found here.

Tax Forfeiture

The process by which the state takes ownership of real property due to unpaid property taxes. In Minnesota, the process generally takes four years from the time the taxes were due (taxes due in 2022 are subject to forfeiture in 2026). It also includes several stages including a period of redemption.   For more information on Tax Forfeiture, please see the  Delinquency and Tax Forfeiture page.