Phone Calls / Messages

General Information
Incarcerated individuals are generally free to place telephone calls between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. All calls from the Jail will be preceded by a recorded message containing details on how to accept or decline a message. You will not be connected to the incarcerated individual until you have taken a positive action to accept the call.

Unwanted Calls
If you receive an unwanted call from an incarcerated individual you have several options for blocking the call. Option One - follow the telephone prompts when you receive the call to block all future calls. Option Two - contact the duty sergeant at the Jail Division at 763-324-5106.

Telephone Access
In general, incarcerated individuals are not allowed to receive incoming telephone calls or messages. However, we may at our discretion pass on urgent messages once they have been verified.

Telephone Service Provider
ICSolutions is the Jail Division's contract telephone service provider for our incarcerated individuals. These individuals are provided an initial free telephone call at the time they are booked into our facility. All subsequent non-professional calls are fee based. Questions about billing or connectivity issues should be addressed to ICSolutions via email or by phone at 888-506-8407.

Three telephone service funding options are available to inmates, their family and friends. They are:

  • You may leave a voice message for an inmate by calling 763-575-8506
  • Pre-Paid Calling Card - Inmates may purchase pre-paid calling cards through the jail commissary. Money may be placed in an inmate's commissary account online, by telephone or at the kiosk in the jail lobby. For further information, see the Inmate Money/Commissary Account section above.
  • Pre-Paid Account - Family members may set up a pre-paid telephone account for inmates. This can be done by telephone at 888-506-8407 online or at the ICSolutions website.