Community Corrections

Anoka County Community Corrections provides a variety of correctional programs and services for justice-involved adults and juveniles. We strive to achieve our mission, “Working to Build a Safer Community,” by assisting clients to make positive life changes and reduce the risks for future criminal activity. Our staff delivers client case management in a fair, balanced, and equitable approach, tailored to individuals’ unique needs, while emphasizing personal accountability and justice for crime victims. The department provides court services, community supervision for persons on probation and supervised release, and operates both adult and juvenile correctional facilities. Our practices are informed by and responsive to evolving criminal justice research and outcome data.


Working to Build a Safer Community.

Guiding Principles

  • Individuals can change and public safety is enhanced through our balanced approach of targeted interventions and accountability.
  • We promote and maintain a safe, positive, and healthy work environment for all.
  • We value communication, cooperation, and collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • We are sensitive to the impact of crime and value victim restoration.
  • We believe in staff development and safety through training, support, resources, and recognition.
  • We are obligated to provide quality, timely, and fiscally responsible services.
  • We are committed to leading through implementing innovative, research based, and results driven services.
  • We actively evaluate agency practices through quality assurance.