Workhouse - Work Release-Huber

The Anoka County Workhouse is a 240-bed minimum security correctional facility located on the Rum River Human Services Center campus in Anoka. The facility houses both male and female adults sentenced in Anoka County and will consider out-of-county court referrals. Minimum security placement criteria must be met in order to serve a sentence at the Workhouse. A Work Release or “Huber” program is available for residents with court approval to work during their incarceration. Work Release status is a privilege requiring proof of employment and the approval of facility staff. Unemployed residents may be eligible to serve on supervised work crews in the community. Workhouse programming includes high school equivalency (GED) instruction, religious services, and chemical dependency support groups.

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Search for an adult inmate in the Anoka County Jail or the Anoka County Workhouse.

General Information and Expectations

If you have been court ordered to serve a sentence at the Anoka County Workhouse, you must report on your scheduled date and time to:

Anoka County Workhouse
Rum River Human Services Center - Vail Building
3300 4th Avenue N.
Anoka, MN 55303

If you fail to report as scheduled, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. To request an alternative report date, contact Workhouse Operations at 763-324-4860 at least 72 hours in advance. If you are eligible to re-schedule your report date, you will be charged a $30 re-scheduling fee (2023). You may not re-schedule your report date more than once.

For information on housing units, clothing, medical care, commissary, laundry, visiting, zero-tolerance policy, and more, view the Workhouse Expectations information (PDF).

Telephone Access:

Cell phones are not permitted within the Workhouse. Pay phones are available for resident use in each housing unit. These phones require available funds in the resident's commissary account. Funds may be deposited in the commissary account by money order at the facility or by debit or credit card online at


All personal visits are completed virtually through Turnkey Corrections’ video kiosks located in each housing unit. Professional visits with attorneys, probation officers, or social workers may be completed in person. 

A resident’s family or friends must initiate all personal visits through the website Visitors are required to create an account on the site and must have a working webcam or cell phone capable of video chats. There is a nominal cost required for video visits. Visitors are required to deposit sufficient funds in a communications account through the website prior to scheduling video visits. The website will provide available dates and times that a visitor can schedule a video chat.

Contact facility staff for additional information regarding video visitation or if alternative visiting accommodations are required.

Canteen - Commissary:

Residents may purchase snacks, soda, hygiene items, and other personal products through the facility commissary vendor Turnkey Corrections. Vending machines and commissary-ordering kiosks are available in each housing unit. 

  • To purchase commissary products, residents must deposit funds into a commissary account. Commissary account deposits are accepted by money order (payable to ACC) or by debit or credit card on-line through
  • Visitors may deposit funds into a resident’s commissary account by debit or credit card during visiting hours. Certain commissary items or larger purchases are delivered to the Workhouse and distributed to residents twice weekly.

Sending a Letter:

Use the following address format to send a letter to a resident at the Workhouse:

Resident’s Name here
Anoka County Corrections
Anoka County Workhouse
2100 3rd Ave STE C100
Anoka, MN 55303-5037

Work Crews:

If you are not employed, you may be placed on a supervised work crew. While serving on a work crew, you will be paid a daily stipend as long as you remain violation free and assigned to a crew. You should bring clothing appropriate for the season as many of these work crews work outdoors.

Work Release-Huber Requirements:

Work Release Expectations information (PDF) 

To be considered for work release, your sentencing judge must order that you may serve your sentence on "Work Release or Huber, if eligible." The Workhouse will determine your eligibility. All employment will be verified and approved by Workhouse staff before you are allowed to leave for work. Employment that cannot be verified or does not appear legitimate will be denied.

Residents who meet work release eligibility are charged a per day fee to be on Work Release. The first week of fees and an intake fee are required to be paid upon intake. Work Release fees are accepted only by money order and payable to Anoka County Corrections. 

To request Work Release-Huber privileges, the following documentation must be provided at the time of intake to the Workhouse:

  1. A completed Work Release Eligibility Form;
  2. Paycheck stubs from the previous two pay periods; and
  3. A letter from your employer on company letterhead indicating you are currently employed, your position or duties, and work schedule.

If you are self employed, additional information must be provided. 

For more information on fees and additional requirements, download the Work Release Expectations information sheet shown above.

Change by Design  -  Workhouse Substance Abuse Treatment Program

The Workhouse substance abuse program, Change by Design, is a collaboration between Anoka County Corrections and Riverplace Counseling Centers. Located at the Anoka County Workhouse, the program is specifically designed for correctional clients with chronic substance abuse.

The program’s goals include the cessation of problematic substance use, planning and support for long-term sobriety, reduction in criminal behaviors and successful community re-entry following incarceration. View the Change by Design brochure (PDF) for more information.

Out of County Inmates

If you have been sentenced in another county, and the Court has authorized to serve time in another county, you must meet the criteria established for this program. To see if you qualify, you will need to schedule an appointment by calling Workhouse Operations at 763-324-4860. Upon being accepted, you will need a copy of your sentencing order stating you may serve your time in another county at your own expense and a letter from your employer with your work schedule. The fee for residents serving a sentence from another county is $60 per day, plus a $30 administration fee.

Fees and Payments

The Workhouse accepts money orders only for all fees. Money orders must be made payable to ACC, signed by the purchaser, and include the inmate’s name on the money order. View more information on Corrections fees and payments.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Anoka County Workhouse has a zero-tolerance policy for any sexual behavior, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct of inmate-on-inmate or staff-on-inmate. Staff includes: employee, volunteer, official visitor, or contract staff. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to eliminate sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.

All residents are educated on how to report such acts while serving at the Workhouse. If you or someone you know has been victimized, or may be at risk of being a victim, please report it immediately. To report on behalf of a resident, you may email the Anoka County Workhouse or call the PREA Reporting Hotline at 763-324-4886. Read more...

All reports are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. False reports will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.